Inviting Papers for Publication in IJOL: Inviting Papers for the September 2018 issue ( VOLUME 27, NO. 3) of IJOL

Dear All,

Indian Journal of Open Learning (IJOL), first launched in January 1992, has been coming out regularly for the past 26 years or more. IJOL is perhaps the most well known journal coming from the developing world with the focus on the concerns of Open Distance Learning (ODL) practiced in different formats in the developing countries. Though IJOL initially wanted to focus more on the Indian experiences with ODL systems, practices and challenges, over the years it has emerged as an international journal to provide reasonable space for accommodating the Indian experiences, the experience of other developing countries and the latest developments in ODL as practised  in the Distance Education/Open Learning institutions of the developed countries. We wish to maintain this fair balance in articulating the concerns and issues of ODL in a globalised situation in the 21stcentury.

The most prominent features of ODL today include increasing applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), cross border education, combination of local, national, regional and global tendencies of using ODL relevant to the contexts in which it is practiced. Justifiably the objectives, formats, strategies and expertise in tapping the vast potential of ODL in the 21st century will be varied and complex. It depends on the imagination of the institutional leaders, the faculty and the researchers who decide on the combination of technology, pedagogy, content and instructional design, besides course delivery strategies and student support services relevant to the respective contexts. Inevitably, we are not looking for uniformity of practices or replication of even the most successful models uncritically. In fact, copying any model will be counterproductive and would be discouraging the attempts to create indigenous, relevant institutional structures for sustaining the goals of ODL.

With your vast experience as a teacher and researcher in the field of ODL it is my privilege to request you to contribute a paper for the September 2018 issue of IJOL. The formalities and procedures of submitting the papers are enclosed herewith. You could also visit IJOL website any further clarifications.

The broad theme suggested for this issue is : Contemporary Trends in Open Distance Learning and the Need to Upgrade the Ongoing Practices of ODL in India and the Developing Countries. You are at complete freedom to select any specific area of your experience within the broad theme suggested above and send us your valuable  paper within 3000-4000 words.

 May I request you to kindly send your paper through online by 7thOctober 2018 for further processing as specified in the IJOL website.

Let me also wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day

With Warm Regards


Prof.   P. R. Ramanujam


Guest Editor for the

September 2018 Issue of IJOL

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